Welcome here! My name is Amanda Lynn DeSutter nee Sholikovski. I am very proud to make you seriously delicious gluten-free perogies! My family and I have so much enjoyed your enthusiasm and support shown to my perogies and it is because of you and the Grace of God that what began as a side project has turned into a growing business. Thank you, thank you!


Amanda Lynn Gluten-free Perogies (algf for short) began in November 2015 after many years of me having to avoid the Ukrainian/Manitoban staple due to health requirements. Then, one Christmas at a family gathering with my Baba (Ukrainian Grandmother), perogies were served, but as I was unable to eat them, I had brought my own food and I was so sad! I took a cooking class to up my confidence in cooking gluten-free and for a couple more years worked to perfect my perogy recipe until one day my husband suggested that I should try selling them! I had done it! After so many failed batches and broken hearts and perogies, I had won the heart of a non-gluten-free person! I remember our first craft sale at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate here in Winnipeg; we had our table and our first banner and one variety, Seasoned Potato. A lot of confused people commented on what gluten-free was and then..."Gluten-free perogies?!?! Are you for real?!?!" My first customer! It was so exciting to meet someone who loved and missed perogies as much as I had. From this sale, the requests for more variety grew and so did the demand. Sevala's Ukrainian Deli and Catering was the first retailer to offer to sell my perogies in their own well known Ukrainian cuisine store front and offer them on their catering menu. I have since offered upwards of twenty varieties of perogies. Eight retail locations carry my perogies and five serve them hot on their menus. 

Requests for a gluten-free & vegan perogy came up after my first spring with the Downtown Biz farmers' market held in Hydro Place. That summer, Vegan Potato and 'Cheese' was launched! When my unique and recent #1, Organic Sweet Potato and Jalapeno, was introduced it was an immediate fan favourite, attracting gluten-free and non-gluten-free alike. Along with my menu of six 'gotta have' varieties, these eight, with a seasonal dessert perogy offering, have been my core menu for two years.

In early 2017, I was truly touched by my customers, both retail and wholesale, friends and family, who did not leave me when I stopped production due to my mother's decline in health and her ultimate loss to breast cancer. You were all so patient and kind to give me the time I so dearly needed. She was and forever will be a major part of my business; Often up late pinching with me, helping me finalize recipes for fillings, labelling bags and packing, working my shows, and cheering me on relentlessly. When people say that their "blood, sweat and tears" went into their work, truly, I tell you, I can relate to the tears.

Continuing into my third year, I have some exciting new ideas and have some delicious varieties planned for you! You will see us at a couple of new-to-us markets, a brand new market, and in Minnie's Ethnic Treats Food Truck! You will continue to see us in amazing Manitoban retailers as well as our favourite markets, pop-up-shops and shows.

Our newest chapter of Amanda Lynn life has begun in Anola MB. Where we have purchased our own 4 walls to have out own dedicated gluten-free kitchen as well as the expansion to Amanda Lynn, Local Food & Gifts store front will open November 20th 2018! We are so honoured that the demand continues to grow that has allowed for this opportunity to expand. We are so thankful to all of our customers; new, old and yet to be.

Amanda Lynn will continue to offer handmade, gluten-free perogies, that are made with love, and they are...seriously delicious!                   


My goal: Perogies for all!

Say Grace & Enjoy,

Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn
gluten-free perogies
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